Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Uploading photos in posts

Welcome Keir. We'll have to chat to see how this works from you end. Then, I can add another couple of guys to the author list.

For now however, just a quick mention about photos. Normally when blogging, we tend to store uploaded photos in our blog space. That won't work for this blog, since all uploads would go to (and quickly fill) my blog albums. Here's how to avoid this.

When you want to add an image to your post, you must first upload the image to some free image provider (I use http://www.photobucket.com) Then, after clicking the Add Image button in your blogger post editor, choose "Add an image from the web" instead of "Add an image from your computer." In most cases, the free image servers (like photobucket) give you the exact code of the image url that can be cut and pasted into the blog. Any questions, write or call.


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