Monday, January 26, 2009

....ok Warmachine is Good

So my Khador unit is built, primed(the hard way with a brush)and the metals are almost finished. I know I should be doing the stuff for VVV 09 but...but...they are big and cool and... and Jack smash stuff. Tomorrow I have to go into Time Masters and get some better red paint or maybe a wine colour.

I did finish one of my guard squads tho. I made a big mistake with the jacks I put the bloody arms on before painting them which is going to hurt me.

Any who where's a pic of the squad


  1. Nice grunts. I wouldn't worry about having the arms on before painting the jacks. That's the way I paint all my Khador Jacks. Build, prime, paint, base, varnish.

  2. Did you try the red paint from GW's Foundation range? They probably carry that at TimeWasters. The Guard look good. Are those forgeworld heads?

  3. Actually they a Pig Iron productions heads and back packs. I'm going in to TM's to look for the foundation paints today.

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