Monday, January 12, 2009

Of hammered gold and gold enamelling

Ah, the forge of memory. And yet another blog for Ken to avoid.

My news: I am painting again, and I will post an update later this week on The Carpasian Wars.

As well, I just completed a little trade on Bartertown:

I traded this:
Bane Knights (4) - $32
Soulhunters (leader+2) - $45
Soulhunters (2) - $30
Terminus - $50
Skarre - $10
Total - $167

For this:
2 x Carnivean - $80
Blighted Legionnaires (leader+5) - $33
Flameguard Cleansers (leader+5) - $33
MOW Shocktrooper - $17
Legion Forsaken - $8
Piper of Ord - $10
Total - $181

Now I can finally complete my Thagrosh force with 3 Carniveans, 2 Forsaken and 2 Shephards. I do regret trading Terminus away because it's such a classic miniature, but there's so little chance I'll paint it that it had to go.

As well, I won an auction today for the Great Bears of Gallowswood for $25.00 with free shipping. Even at that price they are quite dear (MSRP is $38.00) but I just had to get them. It's an illness. Only Markov left (and maybe the Koldun Lord...and Drago).

I am toying with the idea of picking up a couple of boxes of plastics. Specifically, the Perry Napoleonic French, and the Victrix British Centre Company box for Waterloo. The Victrix box was just painted up by a bloke in Blighty and very tasty they are.


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