Friday, January 30, 2009

Order of Battle - 2009/01/31 - UPDATED

It turns out that Marc is ready to start playing Old West. We've decided to start the ball rolling tonight. Note the following changes:
  1. Ken will take on those challengers in Warmachine. Come ready for action (Bring your battle boxes if you got'em)
  2. On the other half of the table, Marc and I will be playing Legends of the Old West. I'm so excited I may pee myself.
  3. As usual, we will commence with a Puerto-Rico-a-thon. If we get tired of that, Race for the Galaxy will be our "come down."
If you have any complaints or concerns about this arrangement, please acquire and complete a pfo-211 in triplicate and file it for processing. We should have the complaint resolved by Summer. Otherwise, we'll see you on Saturday.


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