Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Au Revoir

So, in a fit of house-cleaning, I'm putting up some of my 6mm for sale on Evilbay. I thought I might as well post a few pics here before they head out on their way. These are all Baccus 6mm, and are French seven years war figs based for Age of Reason. Auction is here:






I seem to do this on a fairly regular basis. I should know by now that despite my best intentions, in the absence of regular play, I tend to stall on large projects. It's one of the reasons I have trouble with games with a heavy front end before one gets to play. Much as I like painting, I get distracted far too easily by other ideas, and lose the zest that brought me to the work at hand in the first place.

I've spent the last few days browsing some historical eye candy, thinking about possible projects, but there's a little voice warning me not to start another army I'm never going to get to play.

One thing I'm considering is doing something for Impetus with 1 / 72 plastics. The better ones (Zvezda, HaT) are surprisingly good, and they are dirt cheap - cheap enough that if I do get bored I'm not out a bunch of money. The question then becomes what to do. Three main choices are Indo-Greeks, Carthos, or some flavour of Roman - the latter inspired by the HBO seriies, I'm afraid ;) The first two have variety and heffalumps, the latter two a wide range of availability.

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