Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Back to black?

Right. I'm a warcaster and a unit in, and I'm stalling on Cygnar. I've had Skorne kicking around for a year, and I've yet to paint anything other than the stuff I sold to Ken.

I'm bored.

And I keep looking longingly toward Cryx. What it boils down to is that I've never had as much fun with this (or any mini) game as when I played Cryx. They just fit how I like to play games - wait, delay, and then pounce for the win. Those of you who've played games with me should be nodding your heads around now.

I'm giving serious thought to simply liquidating my cygnar and Skorne at stupid prices in order to get ahold of a hardcore list for this year. And, God willing, I want to take it to hardcore at Gencon.

That said, its been a while. I've posted in the PP forums, looking for some input here:

If anyone has ideas on this, please chip in, either here, via email, or on the forums.


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