Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cygnar start up

So, after much talk, I'm finally getting around to working on my Cygnar. I think there's a something inevitable about playing a 'caster with the same name, so . . .

Seige 2

Obviously, his base needs a little cleaning up, and I'll hit him with another coat of Matte, but I figured to post him sooner than later.

A few more angles.

Siege 4

Siege 3

Seeing him close up, there's a few things to fix - some of the bolts could be better defined, the tubes / coils nedd work, and I'll clean up the exhausts a little. I might also bring up the blue another shade or so, just to it doesn't fade out on the table.

Siege also has some friends to keep him company. Gun Mages are what attracted me to Cygnar in the first place, and I figure Siege can defend them better than most.

Gun Mages 4

Gun Mages 2

I'm aiming to add some 'jacks next, starting with a Centurion. I'll post as I finish them, but progress is likely to be slow - time for painting is at a premium right now. Baby steps . . . .


  1. That is the strangest thing Marcus. Try again tomorrow. Maybe if you ignore it and try later? Doesn't that work for lots of life's problems?


  2. The models look great to me. The blue doesn't look too light in the photos. One thing - When I click to get a larger picture of the Gun Mages, it won't let me see them on Flickr; says the image is private.


  3. Nice colour scheme. I like them and I typically prefer the blue theme.

    Great job!